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Score Blazers!

At my very small Catholic high school, we didn’t have a traditional mascot. We were (and still are) the Marquette Blazers.  Our “mascot” was a lightning bolt.  I mean, what the hell. Does anyone reading have any history on this?  As a high schooler, I never questioned it, but my older self finds this so random.  Father Christian (Dan Raab) hilariously dressed up as Blazer Man donning yellow plastic pants and a lightning hat of sorts, a tradition he eventually bestowed upon Father Mike Brennan while I was there.  To those in the know - does Blazer Man still exist?   


While Blazer Man was exciting the crowd during basketball games, the cheerleaders yelled “Score, Blazers, Score.  We want more.”  My lifelong bestie, Kelly Breen, and I were always in the stans cheering along.  Somewhere along the way Kelly hilariously reduced that cheer to “score blazers.” And it became our anthem for anything that was a positive thing – from team wins to life wins and more.  


And “score blazers” took on a life of its own. It became a regular part of our vernacular amongst our friends.  And then eventually, we said it so much that people around town started saying it.  I’ll never forget the first time hearing one of my nephews say it. I died laughing. 


And here we are years later, and I still find myself and many others saying “score blazers” when something good happens.  Score blazers, Kelly, for this classic phrase!    




I don't know if I ever knew the full back story behind Score Blazers! Now I will picture you cheering from the bleachers whenever I say it 😉

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