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Table for One

I have had a really amazing career that has taken me all over the country. It started right out of college when I hit the road on a mobile marketing tour for the Milk Mustache campaign (got milk? Anyone).  And I mean RIGHT out of college. I was 22 and had no clue what I was doing. 


And even funnier, despite my young age, I was given the keys to a rental car to get myself from a tour stop in New Hampshire down to Connecticut.  I had about two days to get there so I decided to stop in Boston and see the sites.  Alone.  And the funny thing, I didn’t think twice about it. I was like – hell yeah, I’m going to Boston! 


You would think I would have been scared to go out and dine alone.  I’m dating myself here, but this was before there were smartphones and social media to entertain a solo diner. You could read a book, people watch and/or make friends. 


And I chose to make friends.  To talk to people.  It’s funny because, I’m really more of an

ambivert, one who straddles the fence on being an introvert and extrovert.  I am never the loudest in the group, but I also don’t shy away from conversation.  I love meeting new people and hearing their stories.  And as my sisters will tell you, I am NOSEY.  I ask a lot of questions. To some, like my dear friend Nancy Birt likes to say, it’s called information gathering. 


In the last nearly 25 years, I’ve fact finded my way across the country.  When given the option of sitting in a hotel room and ordering room service versus going out to a great restaurant or bar and trying new foods and culture, I’ve always chosen the latter.  And as a life-long traveler, I’ve spent so many hours in airports meeting some of the most interesting people who I’ll never see again but just having a great chat and laugh while delayed. 


Which brings me to today.  As a singleton with shared custody, I am often dining alone.  Now granted, I have met and made a great community of friends that I meet up with when I’m solo, but I seriously cannot imagine how one would approach that without being comfortable traveling and dining alone.  


I also now cook for myself a lot which I NEVER did before.  And while it may seem sad to some of you, and despite missing Timmy when he’s not here, I find myself okay cooking for one and dining at my little table alone.  I guess it’s like a little road trip, just in my own house. 


Bottom line.  It’s okay to go out alone.  Eat alone.  Meet people and ask questions.  You never know who you might meet!


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24 abr

I love that you venture out and meet new people - you are the best at that!! And I'm totally going to start calling us fact finders instead of Nosey Nellies 🤣

Me gusta
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