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Friday Night DJ

I listen to music all the time.  It’s always playing in the background.  I attribute this to my childhood.  We were also listening to tunes on the 8-track player or the record player.  I had a gazillion cassette tapes and then eventually scored a CD player to rock out to my favorite songs.  And I made some seriously awesome mix tapes for my friends.  Fun fact:  I still have a stereo with a CD player AND a tape deck.  That I still use!  So needless to say, music has always been an important part of my life.


This past fall, I was hanging out at home on a Friday night listening to music.  A song (Jane Says) came on that totally reminded me of nights spent at one of the favorite bars in college.  I swear, every time she was there, my friend Mary Eileen played it on the juke box (yes, there were juke boxes then).  It conjured up so many great memories.  I immediately texted a link of the song to my college besties.  But I didn’t stop there.  I started to send over more songs that reminded me of our wonderful time together at school.  And Friday Night DJ was born.


Every Friday night since then, I come up with a collection of songs to send to my besties. Sometimes there’s a theme, sometimes it’s just obscure songs from college, sometimes it’s our favorite showtunes.  I absolutely love it.  Because the hilarity that ensues is priceless.  Everyone shares funny memories (OR lack of memory which is sometimes even funnier), comments and even old photos.   


The best part is the time connecting with these ladies.  Life and location don’t allow us to get together a ton so it’s amazing to have this time each week as a touch point.  And not everyone is available each Friday night (and may turn their phone on to 200 messages), but if someone misses out, they always respond the next day. 


So, if you haven’t reached out to a pal in a while, send them a song.  Or a photo.  Or just simply say hello.  Because true friends are truly the best.

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22 de mar.

Love this!! 💕 I always look forward to Friday Night DJ and the trip down memory lane! And I'm glad there is photographic evidence of our Friday Night DJ 'in the wild' 😂

23 de mar.
Respondendo a

BTW, it’s Suz! 😊

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